From fencing to piping, from power plants to day spas, FLOZ-ON PAINTING, INC. can handle your commercial or industrial painting needs.  FLOZ-ON is well-versed in working with corporate deadlines, budgets, & scheduling.  We work hand-in-hand with project managers to ensure the specs of the job are understood, and we pride ourselves on a job well-done in a time frame that keeps your business productive & on-schedule.

Exterior Painting

Commercial and industrial exteriors require painters who know how to work with scaffolding, high-reaches, scissor lifts, intricate roofing & piping structures.  We can do it!

Interior Painting

Whether you are freshening up office space or applying a protective coat to a refrigerated storage room, FLOZ-ON PAINTING can get the job done.

We can do it!

Electrostatic Painting

If you have a project with fences, railings, office equipment or beams, you can get professional results in much less time with electrostatic painting, which means less down-time for you & more value for your company's bottom line.